About Andrea and Healing Energy Work

Andrea Mulcahy



I have been fortunate to know individuals who have sparked my interest, taught me what they knew, conversed in a way that made me question and who have supported my journey to become an Intuitive Guide and Healer.

Every person, experience, class, clearing, reading, conversation, difficult moment and meditative state has brought me closer to understanding my "gifts" and how to use them.  As I learned to listen to my guides, I found that my hands held the ability to direct energy toward healing.  While learning how to do Applied Kinesiology,* I found that I could see the answers to my questions in my third eye right before my hands found the answer.  I also found that my interest and time in working with natural supplements helped me to identify physical issues in the body and the supplements that would help. 

I've found it very rewarding to do healing energy work and it would be my pleasure to work with you.