I happened on Journeying unexpectedly.  My first journey took me by surprise and because it was such an amazing experience I wanted to see if I could recreate the experience.  When I found I could journey at will I also found that I was shown another part of a continuing story each time I returned.  I knew that I needed to take notes because all of it seemed so unreal and fantastic.  Eventually I saw how my journeys lead me to a better understanding of myself.  My guides and my higher self were leading me to concepts and experiences I had never known before.  The organization I was shown was in the form of planets and universes.  Each of them represented ways to access important information.  I found that through the images I could facilitate others to find this information on their own. In this book  I've created those planets to help those who are interested in self journeying. My best to you for many insightful journeys.

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Universe Oracle Cards

I created these cards to bring clarity into the lives of those who use them.  This deck is meant to address numerous issues that come up in a lifetime and the artwork is meant to enhance that experience.

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Universe Oracle cards

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