Approach to Healing

 My approach to healing starts by clearing the energy field of the client. 

It is possible to collect energies in our auric field, which can range from the lost and unaware to the dark and destructive.  Ultimately it doesn't serve anyone to carry around energies that aren't our own.     

After the auric field is clear, I look for any holes or tears in the energetic barrier that exists between ourselves and others.  If the structure needs to be repaired, it is. 

The direction of the rest of the session goes in the order that is directed by my guides and and the guides of the client.  I listen and allow for additional clearing and healing energy to be directed.  I am often guided to look at various issues that may be negatively affecting the person in this lifetime, from this or past lifetimes.   It can include thoughts, beliefs, emotions, events and sensitivities.  In order to get to the root of the dysfunction it is also important to look at the physical body, the emotional body, the chemical body, the spiritual body and lifestyle. In the process I also look for viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, heavy metals and parasites in the head and body.

During the session I will often receive information that will best help the person.  This could include lifestyle change, a guide coming forth to work with the person and/or information regarding strengths or spiritual gifts.